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Merriewold Galaxie's Profile & Pedigree
2004 Chestnut Mare, SOLD (Morgans Sold)

Galaxie   Gal

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Merriewold Galaxie has training and talent and has already started her show career. Gal was started and had one year in training with Grand Prix rider/trainer Sally Anderson in Montana. Now Galaxie is making her debut in California with the McFalls at Dragonfire Farm. During her year with Sally, Gal went to two open/rated USDF shows scoring in the mid 60's with a first place 68% at T2.

Galaxie's pedigree is 'sport horse' top and bottom. Her sire is the renowned Iron Forge Starman who is currently showing at Grand Prix level. Sally and Starman just earned their USDF Gold Medal. Starman's pedigree contains two of the great Morgan sires Santana and Beamington.

Gal's dam Ringbrook Renaissance, has an accomplished show record as well with 2 grand national titles and 4 regional wins. Renaissance also has ideal sport horse conformation and the "lightest" canter I have ever experienced. Her pedigree includes the great Ulendon and Ulysses.

Merriewold Galaxie is also broke to drive. In fact she really enjoys driving. She has even pulled a sled in the Montana snow. (see photo album) Gal has many miles of trail riding as well and is happy going out alone or in a group.

Her success has continued at Dragonfire and Gal is now a Regional and National Champion, see awards below.


Merriewold Galaxie - Pedigree

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Merriewold Galaxie

REG#: 0164371
DOB: 05-03-2004
COLOR: Chestnut

Starman pic courtesy of EMR Morgans
Iron Forge Starman
Iron Forge Be Blue Something Blue HVK Santana
Rapidan Es Mala
Unbelievable Waseekas In Command
Birch Hill Beatrix
Cambridge Suzy QT Cambridge Sir King Mickey Finn
Echos April Dawn
Cambridge Suzy T Broadwall  Brigadier
Topside Irish Mist
Ringbrook Renaissance
Beckridge Domino Orcland Royal Don Ulendon
Royalton Rose of Sharon
Moco Vermont Montey Vermont
Milholm Bellmarch
Skyhawk Sophisticate Skagit Atasi Merry Bellmarch
Skagit Solomie
Mofi Merry Warlock
Thelben Easter Star

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Awards (Most recent at top of list)

  • The Golden West Region 7
    2009 High Point Award
    Dressage, Training Level, 3rd Place
  • Golden State Dressage Show
    Open, Triple Rated
    First level test one, 67% 2nd Place
    First level test two, 64% 2nd Place
  • Horse World Magazine 2009 "Peoples Choice" Award Winner
    Reserve Champion, Overall Dressage Division
  • Morgan Grand National
    Training Level Test 3, 1st Place 67.8
  • Morgan Medallion Classic
    First Level Test 1, 1st Place
    Hunter Pleasure Novice Horse, 1st Place
    Hunter Pleasure Limit, Champion
  • Missoula Dressage Show, open/rated
    Training level test 2, 68% 1st Place out of nine
    Training level test 4, 56% 4th Place
  • Yakima Summer Dressage Classic, open/rated 7/08
    Training level 1, 66%, 2nd Place, debut class
    Training level 2, 62%, 3rd Place


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