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About MWM - Merriewold Morgans

The Morgan show horses from Merriewold's breeding program are perfectly suited for owner/riders involved in the equestrian sports of Dressage, jumping, eventing, competitive trail and reining.  Breeders looking to improve their stock will also benefit from the proven potential of MWM's foals.  And families who want an all around usable horse for fun and recreation will find that perfect horse here - at Merriewold Morgans.

About eight years ago I started my breeding program with the desire to produce a Morgan that could successfully compete in the sport of Dressage with an adult amateur or junior rider.  The Warm Blood breeds dominate this sport but their large size, and strong build is not appropriate for all riders.  There is a need for a medium sized, athletic, easily trainable (tractable) horse for the sport horse market. The Morgan is ideal for this niche.  (Read all about Diana, Merriewold Morgans Owner, here)

Some Morgan breeders base their program on specific lines of Morgan breeding:   Brunk breeding, Working Western and Government.  With the help of Jackie Brittain, I have instead looked for individual mares that exemplify the qualities that we want in our program.  We then find the best stallion to compliment and improve the mare’s traits. To produce a superior sport Morgan.
(Read all about Jackie, Merriewold's Trainer, here)

In the Merriewold breeding program there are three qualities we consider to be the foundation traits that we desire in our Morgans...

The distinct Morgan personality

The unmistakable Morgan beauty

The renowned Morgan versatility

The most important of all Morgan traits is the Morgan personality or disposition.  Highly trainable (tractable), intelligent, and willing.  They are known for having a great work ethic.  Brave, safe, unflappable, are also terms often used when referring to Morgans.  They are also renowned for their energy and endurance.  But their best trait of all is their desire to please.

There is no mistaking a Morgan!    The chiseled head with large wide set eyes and  small tipped ears.   The elegant arched neck set high on a laid-back shoulder.  The athletic yet refined build with a short back, generous girth and high flagging tail.  These traits make a Morgan stand out in a crowd.

In the early years of the breed, the Morgan was prized for having the strength to do farm work on the weekdays and the elegance to pull the family carriage to town on the weekend.  Today you can find Morgans excelling in many divisions of the horse world.  From eventing to endurance, driving and dressage, reining, ranch work, and the family mount.  Morgans do it all.

Two additional traits that are important for a “sport” Morgan are an athletic build and substantial height.

An athletic build in horses denotes a free moving, laid back shoulder, a powerful hind quarter and withers higher than the croup.   This conformation helps to give the horse three correct gaits with balance, energy and suspension.  In addition good bone and sound feet are essential.

According to the American Morgan Horse Association, the ideal Morgan  ranges in size from 14.2hh to 15.2hh.  In our program we would like to produce individuals that are at the larger end of the scale with 15h-15.3h being ideal.

Read all about Diana, Merriewold Morgans Owner, here...

Read all about Jackie, Merriewold's Trainer, here...

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