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Merriewold Ima Honey Moon's Profile & Pedigree
2006 Palomino Mare, In Training with Jackie Brittain

Honey and Jackie   Honey

Honey at 3 years   Honey at 2 years

Honey at 1 year   Honey's foal photo

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Honey is our third foal and last foal out of our mare Moonset's Reflection.   Like her siblings, WNC Rocket Man and Merriewold Hanah, Honey has good size and bone, an up-hill conformation and fluid ground covering gaits.

Honey also has an easy going sensible disposition and also like her siblings she has distinctive “character”.   She gets her fabulous color from sire Tequila Cuervo.  Honey is a wonderful western pleasure, sport, trail and all around family horse.


Merriewold Ima Honey Moon - Pedigree

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Merriewold Ima Honey Moon Photo Album
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Merriewold Ima Honey Moon

REG#: 0170437
DOB: 05-09-2006
COLOR: Palomino

Cuervo pic courtesy of MEMC Morgans
MEMC Tequila Cuervo
Triple S Bald Eagle Triple S Gold Eagle Triple S Red Wind
Triple S Goldusty
Triple S Red Carmen Blackwood Correll
Twin Pines Sara Elm Crest Squire Hylees Torchlight
Mrs O Nugget Star
Mortana Allie
Moonsets Reflection
Whit Akers Sensation Troutbrook Playboy Waseekas Nocturne
Mistress MerriDawn
Shakers Gaiety Tas-Tees Firefly
Oakmoor Cadence
Highmeadows Bluemist Kadenvale Don Upwey Den Don
Jean B
Bar-T Contoria Bar-T Conqueror
Orcland Victoria

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Awards (Most recent at top of list)

  • Champion Husband Horse
  • Blue ribbon for confidence on trails


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