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Merriewold Kirin's Profile & Pedigree
2008 Bay Mare, in training with Alejandro Salazar

Kirin, 2013 Kirin by Bob Langrish

Kirin Photo by Bob Langrish  Kirin and Jackie

Kirin at 6 months old  Kirin at 6 weeks

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Kirin is a tall, athletic bay mare with an outstanding classic Morgan pedigree including such renowned individuals as Funquest Monarch, Wyoming Flyhawk, Patchett Hill and Caduceus Exira. She is energetic and responsive, with powerful, smooth and rhythmic gaits.

Kirin’s uphill conformation makes her a natural for dressage, and other sport disciplines. She was started by Jackie Brittain and now is in training with Alejandro Salazar who is an experienced sport horse trainer, and also has a background with Morgan horses. Alejandro has guided Kirin through two successful years of competition. She debuted at First Level with scores consistently in the mid to upper 60ties and a few 70ties!   At Second level she was always in the ribbons and was Reserve Champion in the Morgan Dressage Association’s Awards of Excellence program.

Here is what Alejandro says about Kirin:  “Kirin is exciting to train and I look forward to our ride together every day.  As she evolves more and more layers of performance and future potential are revealed. She is like a luxury sports car, driving a Ferrari requires finesse but the possibilities are endless!”

We are excited about Kirin’s future in Dressage. Please check back to watch her develop and debut at Third Level this year (2015)


Merriewold Kirin - Pedigree

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Kirin's Photo Album
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Merriewold Kirin

REG#: 0177811
DOB: 03-23-2008

Monarch pic courtesy of Grunden Ranch
RG Stuarts Monarch
Funquest Monarch Funquest Talstar Funquest Falcon
Star of Cornwall
Flyhawks Fancy Flyhawk
Allans Fancy L
Tretton Lady Midnight Caduceus Denver Wyoming Flyhawk
Topside Sable
Lace TBM Midnight Rimlo Black Valiant
Caduceus Marika
Patchett Hill Easter Vermont Red Vermont
Starlette B Easter Vermont
Blossom F
Caduceus Exira Wyoming Flyhawk Domino Joe
Lily Black
Topside Sable Kings-Haven Senator
Topside Sassafras

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Awards (Most recent at top of list)

  • Morgan Dressage Association, 2014
    Reserve Champion Second Level, Open
  • Star Vaughn Dressage II, 2014
    Second Level Test 2, 66.2
    Second Level Test 3, 66.8
  • PEC Foothills Fall Classic, 2014
    Second Level Test 2, 65.2
    Second Level Test 3, 67.6
  • Morgan Dressage Association, 2013
    Reserve Champion First Level, Open
  • Morgan Medallion Classic, 2013
    First Level Test 1, 69.3
    First Level Test 2, 71.4
    First Level Test 3, 72.3
  • Golden State Dressage Classic, 2013
    First Level Test 2, 68.5
    First Level Test 3, 66.9
    First Level Test 3, 66.9
    First Level Test 2, 69.1
  • Dressage Derby #2, 2013
    First Level Test 3, 58.5
    First Level Test 2, 65.6
  • Dressage Derby #1, 2013
    First Level Test 3, 67.6
    First Level Test 2, 64.3
  • Dressage in the Almonds, 2013
    First Level Test 2, 61.4
    First Level Test 3, 62.6

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