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Diana J. Wold - Merriewold Morgans' Owner

Never Too Late
I came from a family of horse enthusiasts.  My mother and her siblings grew up with ponies and rode with the hunt, as soon as they were old enough.  My aunt went on to a lifetime career in breeding and racing thoroughbreds.   Many of my cousins are involved in competitive jumping, eventing and driving.   My parents have had horses for over thirty years.  They were involved with racing and breeding thoroughbreds and now have trail and pleasure horses.

As a youngster I did some riding, but was never one of those horse crazy girls.  Growing up in the sixties, I naturally had to be rebellious!   Then came college, marriage and family.  It wasn't until about ten years ago that I became re-acquainted with horses and eventually fell in love with them.

It all started with a simple twist of fate - also known as, a phone call from my father.  I started overseeing the management of our ranch in Florida.  During that time, I got to know Jackie Brittain and the Morgans that would change my life.  (Read all about Jackie, Merriewold's Trainer, here)

Morgans made the difference.
The little Morgan mare that changed my mind about horses is named Hot Chocolate.  She is my ideal horse.  First of all, she is sweet to be around and enjoys the company of people.  Secondly, she is beautiful:  a chiseled head with huge eyes and tiny ears, a long arched neck, smooth back and a full, wavy mane and tail.  But her most endearing trait is her willing disposition.   On the trail she is a steady, energetic ride.  She prefers being out front, but will go to the back if needed.  In the arena her natural ability to use her back and hind quarters make her well suited for almost any sport division.  If she could talk, I believe her favorite words would be, "OK, let's go!

The first horse I purchased was, of course, a Morgan and his name was Jazzman.  After having owned him for just a short while, I was bitten by the 'horse bug'.  My love of horses began with Jazz.  Hot Chocolate may have changed my mind, but Jazzman changed my heart!!  Jazz has taught me the basics of riding and horsemanship:  patience, persistence, intention, communication, attention to detail, and to sit deep.  Jazz has learned from me, as well, and together we have become a confident team.  We started with trail riding, tried some jumping and then discovered dressage.

Morgans, Breeding, Riding & Dressage.
My desire to breed Morgans evolved gradually.  The positive experiences I have had with Hot Chocolate, her sister Smurfette and then with Jazz, have taught me to appreciate the attributes of Morgans as compared to other breeds.   While other breeds have many good qualities, only Morgans have inspired me to become more involved with horses.

Jackie Brittain and I traveled to New England to see some of the established Morgan breeding farms, to learn more about this wonderful breed.  We visited East of Equinox, UVM Morgan Horse Farm, and Rumbrook Farm to name a few.   When I saw their commitment to the breed, the niche that each had created for themselves in the Morgan world, the quality of their horses, the care, the passion...I knew that I wanted that too.

Then I discovered Dressage.  The systematic athletic development of the horse combined with the refinement of communication skills - between horse and rider, to produce a partnership which exhibits suppleness, strength, responsiveness, grace, and power.

My goal is to put it all together...Morgans, breeding, riding and dressage.

Horses, especially Morgans, have given me so much, enriched my life and opened many doors.  It is a pleasure and a honor to be associated with such beautiful, noble beings.  They have brought joy, stability and passion to my life.  Everyday I am grateful to have discovered a life with horses and through Merriewold Morgans, I hope to share some of my passion with others.

Diana J Wold

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