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Merriewold Jolie's Profile & Pedigree
2007 Black Mare, SOLD

Jolie performing a bending trot   Halt Salute

Jolie at Aberdeen Nov 2011    Jolie in 2009

Jolie and Promise   Jolie

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The word that comes to mind when watching Jolie dance across the pasture is "ethereal"!  She is so light on her feet she barely touches the ground.  And with her fine features, she is the equine equivalent of a ballet dancer.   Jolie is the first foal out of our beautiful Willowist Promise to Keep and by the talented World Champion, Gulfwind Sir William.
She is now in training with Pam Meyer and has competed at the Morgan Medallion Regional Show and several other shows in 2011 at “Intro”, Level.  She took the blue ribbon in the Dressage Suitability class at the Santa Barbara Regional Show!  Pam and Jolie are finishing their second year of competition.  They have entered five shows so far and competed at Training level 2 and 3. They never got a score under 60 and the average score at T2 was 66.6 and T3 was 63.4.  They earned “8s” on many movements including: canter/trot transition, change reign at trot and down center line halt/salute.  Some of the Judge’s comments: connected and nicely forward, trot-good rhythm, smooth transitions, supple, steady, and correct basics.

Jolie has been training at first/second level and is ready to advance.  We are very proud of her abilities and accomplishments so far and look forward to watching her move up the Dressage ladder.  Keep an eye on this young dressage star!



Merriewold Jolie - Pedigree

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Merriewold Jolie Photo Album
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Merriewold Jolie

REG#: 0174512
DOB: 04-23-2007
COLOR: Black

Gulfwind Sir William pic courtesy of Paul and Evelyn Mcknight
Gulfwind Sir William
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Awards (Most recent at top of list)

  • Dressage Association of Southern California 2012 Championship
    Training Level 3, 64.  “8s” in: stretchy trot, halt/salute, Fourth Place
  • Los Alamos, Dress Rehearsal, 2012
    Training Level 2, 67.9, First place, “8s” in: canter/trot transition, change reign trot
    Judge Comments:  nicely up-hill, trot-good rhythm, prompt, smooth transitions
    Training Level 3, 62.4
  • Morgan Medallion Classic Regional , 8-2012
    Training Level 2, 66.3, First Place and High Point Dressage Award, mostly “7s” at the trot
    Judge Comments: connected, nicely forward
    Training Level 3, 64.0
  • Los Osos, Summer Fling, 7-2012
    Training Level 2, 68.0, Second out of 16
    Judge Comments: supple, steady and forward, correct basics
    Training Level 3, 63.8
  • Stars and Stripes Show, 2012
    Training Level 1, 65.4
    Training Level 2, 64.3
  • Morgan Medallion Classic Regional Show, 2011
    Dressage Intro Level A&B (Jolie’s first show)
    Dressage Suitability Class, First Place


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