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Merriewold Kasey's Profile & Pedigree
2008 Chestnut Gelding, SOLD

Kasey  Merriewold Kasey, 4-2015

Kasey Jumping   Kasey, dressage at SB

Kasey   Kasey at six months

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Kasey is one of three 2008 foals from the RG Stuart's Monarch - Caduceus Marika cross.  He has the same outstanding pedigree as his full sisters Kona and Kirin that includes such famous Morgan names as: Funquest Monarch, Patchett Hill and Wyoming Flyhawk.

Kasey is tall and substantial, standing almost 16 hands.  He has solid sport horse conformation with good bone and elastic, ground covering gaits. As a plus, Kasey is very attractive with a bright copper coat, beautiful head and large eyes. He is responsive, smart and energetic.

Merriewold Kasey was started at Dragonfire Farms.  Earl McFall took him through a year of competition at the “Young Horse, 4 year old” level at US Eventing Association Rated shows. They qualified for the Young horse Championship and ended in the Top Five, West Coast Division.  In the past 2 years, Kasey has been very competitive in the open, 3 day eventing show world.

Kasey is now in training with Jennifer Wooten at Trinity Eventing.  They love his wonderful temperament, work ethic and energy. He is solid and consistent in the arena or on the trail and will make a wonderful equine partner.

Kasey is energetic, fun and ready for a junior or amateur rider.



Merriewold Kasey - Pedigree

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Merriewold Kasey Photo Album
  Photo Album


Merriewold Kasey

REG#: 177812
DOB: 03-27-2008
COLOR: Chestnut
GENDER: Gelding

Monarch image courtesy of Grunden Ranch Morgans
RG Stuarts Monarch
Funquest Monarch Funquest Talstar Funquest Falcon
Star of Cornwall
Flyhawks Fancy Flyhawk
Alans Fancy L
Tretton Lady Midnight Caduceus Denver Wyoming Flyhawk
Topside Sable
Lace TBM Midnight Rimlo Black Valiant
Caduceus Marika
Patchett Hill Easter Vermont Red Vermont
Starlette B Easter Vermont
Blossom F
Caduceus Exira Wyoming Flyhawk Domino Joe
Lily Black
Topside Sable Kings-Haven Senator
Topside Sassafras

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Awards (Most recent at top of list)

  • 2014 Rebecca Farm Novice Three-Day: 4th
  • 2014 Copper Meadows Open Novice: 7th
  • 2014 Spring Event at Woodside Open Novice: 7th
  • 2014 Twin Rivers Spring Three Day Event Novice Horse: 7th
  • 2013 Twin Rivers Fall Horse Trial Novice Horse: 4th
  • 2013 The Event at Rebecca Farm Novice Three Day: 9th

  • Multiple 2013 USEA Rated Shows at Novice Level with Jennifer McFall

  • Multiple 2012 USEA Rated Shows with Earl McFall
    Qualified for the USEA Young Horse Championship
    Made the Top 5, West Coast Division

  • 2012 West Coast YEH Four Year Old Championship: 4th
  • 2012 Morgan Medallion Overall High Point Sport Horse
  • Many WINS in Dressage and Over Fences at Regional Championships

  • Motherload Morgan Horse Show 2011
    3 year old Sport Horse Gelding, 1st Place
    Res. Champion Sport Horse Gelding


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