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Merriewold Ima Lucky Star's Profile & Pedigree
2006 Brown Gelding, In Training with Ryan Torkkeli

Lucky and Ryan Torkkeli  Lucky canters

Lucky and Ray Berta  Lucky and Jackie trot

Lucky 2009  Lucky at 1 week old

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We went to see Lucky when he was just a week old and the moment Jackie put her arms around him to guide him across the pasture, she knew he was special. Lucky was high energy and sensitive yet yielding and pliable...a rare and sought after combination. 

Lucky is a tall individual and he is maturing slowly. His trot is long, with natural suspension and he loves to canter!  We are taking our time with him, keeping him confident and happy with his training.  Jackie Brittain started his ground and basic saddle training, then he went to Ray Berta for some extra sensitivity training.  And now Lucky has begun his dressage career with Kat Trueblood, 

Lucky's sire is the talented, RBF Time to B, who is not only beautiful but is a Regional, Grand National and World Champion in Dressage and Hunter Divisions. And his dam, ABL Morning Star has the conformation that is ideal for a sport horse with uphill build, a well formed and angled rear quarter, ample girth and broad chest. 

Please stay tuned and watch this young star grow and blossom into an incredible athlete. See below for some of Lucky and Kat’s show results. 



Merriewold Ima Lucky Star - Pedigree

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Merriewold Ima Lucky Star Photo Album
  Photo Album


Merriewold Ima Lucky Star

REG#: 171028
DOB: 04-29-2006
COLOR: Brown
GENDER: Gelding

RBF Time To B pic courtesy of Toodie Conner
RBF Time To B
Serendipity Brazos B Applevale Cadence Sealect Of WindCrest
Harmony Brook
Porvenir B Bonnet WindCrest Bob B
Highland Gay Bonny
Times Royal Rose Serenity Flight Time Fleetwing
Vals Marcee
H M Fascination Kadenvale Don
WindCrest Frolic
ABL Morning Star
MCM Eminent UVM Emissary UVM Watchman
UVM Nifty
Beckridge Mona D Orcland Royal Don
Moco Vermont
Big Bend DixieDancer Applevale Storm King Kingston
Dixie de Jarnette Warhawk
June de Jarnette

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Awards (Most recent at top of list)

  • USDF All Breeds National Champion, Training Level Open, with Kat Trueblood.
  • High Point Champion, for entire series, Dressage at the Gaits
  • Gilroy Gaits III, 2014
    Show 1:  Training Level Test 2  77.500%  "Steady harmonious test"
                    Training Level Test 3  77.800%  "Good basics shown.  Super rapport between horse and rider."
    Show 2:  Training Level Test 2  75.536%  "Good partnership."
                    Training Level Test 3  69.400%  "Really lovely pair with good rapport."
  • Gilroy Gaits II, 2014
    Show 1:  Training Level Test 2  68.214%  "Quality horse with energy and balance.  Just needs time and confidence."
                    Training Level Test 3  72.00%  "Lovely, quiet and effective.  Balanced and poised."
    Show 2:  Training Level Test 2  73.214%  "Very nice presentation of solid basics - allowing horse to move through the back
                    with elasticity and freedom"
                    Training Level Test 3  69.4%  "Wonderful forward thinking with good ground cover."
  • Dressage at the Gaits, 2014
    Training Level Test 1   66.458% "Willing horse quietly presented.  Nicely done!"
    Training Level Test 1   67.083% "Lovely light moving horse"
    Training Level Test 2   66.786% "Very willing horse"
    Training Level Test 3   65.400% "Well suited pair…Pretty light moving horse"

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