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MJVM Serena's Profile & Pedigree
1981 Black Mare, 1981-2011


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1981-2011  Serena is another mare from Lowell Hughes' Caduceus breeding program. Dam of Caduceus Panache and Caduceus Joshua - two popular stallions standing at stud. Thanks to Barb Putnam, I had the opportunity to obtain one foal via embryo transfer from this elegant mare. See Merriewold Hero below.


MJVM Serena - Pedigree

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MJVM Serena

REG#: 083212
DOB: 06-11-1981
COLOR: Black

Serendipity Aries B Applevale Cadence Sealect of WindCrest Pecos
Harmony Brook Upwey Ben Don
Colony Maid
Porvenir B Bonnet WindCrest Bob B Upwey Ben Don
Bald Mt Carol
Highland Gay Bonny Gay Dancer
Bonny Ellen
African Violet Caliente March Field Blackman
Marguerita Sonfield
Firefly Chief Bugler
Deseret Condo Congo
May Burger
Lady Falcon Monte Leon

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  1. Merriewold Hero


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