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Merriewold Hero's Profile & Pedigree
2005 Black Gelding, In Training with Julie Corlett

Hero First Level at Santa Barbara   Hero 3 years old

Jackie and Hero   Hero and little girl

Hero at 2 years old   Hero, yearling

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Our 'miracle' colt has grown into a beautiful and exciting dressage horse. He started his training with Jackie Brittain.  In his basic training Jackie said Hero had 3 strong and rhythmic gaits including a large ground covering trot, a smooth canter, and a forward swingy walk. He is now in training and competing with Julie Corlett.

Julie says, “Hero is a gentleman and very obedient to ride. In training he learns quickly and is very straight forward in attitude. He has classic Morgan "looks" with an extremely soft eye and beautiful long neck. He carries himself straight and even and it is very comfortable to sit his gaits. He will offer all he can give when you ride him.”

Hero is training at second level and competing at first level at Open rated shows. Hero has a spirited and playful personality. He loves people and attention and was the hit of the 2008 Open Barn Party . Everyone was captivated with his handsome features, his shiny black coat and his inquisitive gentle nature.

Hero's pedigree is strong in Morgan sport horse lines. His sire, many times Champion, Bethesda Carbon Copy is by the famous Wyoming Flyhawk. And his dam MJVM Serena was a foundation mare for the Caduceus breeding program where she produced several important stallions including Panache and Joshua.


Merriewold Hero - Pedigree

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Merriewold Hero Photo Album
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Merriewold Hero

REG#: 167848
DOB: 06-16-2005
COLOR: Black
GENDER: Gelding

Carbon Copy image courtesy of Betty and Gordon Weyrauch
Bethesda Carbon Copy
Wyoming Flyhawk Domino Joe Stetson
Lily Black Warhawk
Dreams Kate FD WestCrest Sandy Sanborn
WestCrest Dream Broadwall Ensign
WestCrest Princess
MJMV Serena
MJMV Serena
Serendipity Aries B Applevale Cadence Sealect of WindCrest
Harmony Brook
Porvenir B Bonnet WindCrest Bob B
Highland Gay Bonny
African Violet Caliente March Field
Deseret Condo
Lady Falcon

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Awards (Most recent at top of list)

  • Dressage at Mission Pacific
    Open, triple rated show (Hero's first show)
    Training level test 4, 64.4%
         8 on entry/halt
    First level test one, 64.33, first place
  • Spring Dressage in Santa Barbara
    Open, triple rated show
    Training level test 4, 68.6%, second place
          8's in: canter circle, free walk and working trot loop
    First level test 1, 67%, second place
          8's in: 3 loop serpentine, working trot half circle,
          free and medium walk and stretching circle


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